Mandala "Ice Dyes" Crew Mandala "Ice Dyes" Crew Mandala "Ice Dyes" Crew

Mandala "Ice Dyes" Crew


Hey now!! Before we start getting any hate about how expensive these dyes are... Hear us out ☺

Starting with our custom premium 22 oz french terry crew… our dyemaster Dan goes to work to achieve these beautiful mandala and geometric patterns...

The ice dye is a super long meticulous process and dan has truly perfected the technique over many years. Precisely folding the fabric and adding powder dye on each piece..Adding ice either before, during, or after... Or all three... Depending on what happens and the desired effect. Carefully monitoring/adjusting the ph levels so the dyes adhere to the fabric, techniques to keep the white areas white, multiple washouts and sun drying, it’s all precise craft and chemistry essential to achieve these incredible pieces of one-of-a-kind wearable art.


- 100% cotton 22 oz combed French Terry

- 100% cotton 1x1 heavy rib

- Shrinkage included

- Knitted and constructed in the USA

- Any imperfections add character and are not considered a damage... everything is made by hand ;)



Small: Length 26.5” / Chest 22” / Sleeve 23”

Medium: Length 27” / Chest 23” / Sleeve 23.5”

Large: Length 27.5” / Chest 24” / Sleeve 24”

XL: Length 28.5” / Chest 25” / Sleeve 24.5”

XXL: Length 29.5” / Chest 26” / Sleeve 25”