Camp High Small Zën Longlseeve
Camp High Zën Longlseeve
Camp High Zën Longlseeve
Camp High Small Zën Longlseeve

Zën Longlseeve

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I grew up doing all kinds of martial arts as a kid, but the internal art of Tai chi always fascinated me.  I didn’t really understand the whole meditation and breathing aspects till I got older, but I knew the forms looked beautiful…plus the old people doing it in the park looked so healthy and peaceful…and no one was wearing a uniform.  They were just all doing their thing together in harmony.   Yin and Yang.  Working in unison.  I thinks we should all do more Tai chi.  2022 Camp High goals. ☯️

ECOCYCLE yarn is produced at the Belda Lloréns facility in Alicante, Spain, which is 75% powered by solar energy, and comes with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Global Recycled Standard Certificates. The yarn's 50% recycled component is sourced from Belda Lloréns recycling partners, who mechanically recycle cotton fabrics that have been sourced in Europe and the United States. Every pound of ECOCYCLE yarn saves 5.46 square miles land cultivation, 2,024 gallons of water, 14.90 kWh of electricity and 7.85 lbs of CO2 compared to conventionally grown cotton.

- screen print on front, back, and down right arm

-100% knit, sewn, dyed and printed  in Los Angeles 

Sizes Width (in) Length (in) Sleeve (in) Shoulder (in)
S 20.75" 27" 25.375" 18.75"
M 21.75" 27.75" 25.75" 19.5"
L 22.75" 28.5" 26.125" 20.25"
XL 23.75" 29.25" 26.5" 21"
XXL 24.75" 30" 26.875" 21.75"